Aircraft Production Lists

In these lists you can find basic information (construction numbers, linenumbers, licensed manufacturers etc.) about the aircraft of which you want to upload a photo.

When you upload a photo, please use the information in these lists before you use any other source. If the info you are looking for cannot be found in these lists, you can refer to our list of Aircraft Research Websites.

The production lists below are grouped by original manufacturer. For example, the C-17 Globemaster III was designed and first built by McDonnell Douglas. Boeing took over production when they acquired McDonnell Douglas in 1997, but the production list is grouped under McDonnell Douglas.

Note: This page will initially only offer production lists for aircraft types that are not readily available elsewhere on the web, and for which the correct information is harder to find. At a later stage we will also be adding lists for the more common aircraft types.

Martin JRM Mars

Last updated:  1 March 2019

Various Soviet/CIS-built aircraft types

Full and detailed production lists for many Soviet/CIS-built transport types can be downloaded from our Soviet Transports Data Files page.