Useful Research Websites

What follows here is a list of freely accessible websites, that can help you find the correct data for your photo.
However, it is important to understand that no website is perfect, and errors are often copied from one website to another. It is a sad fact that even the official civil aircraft registers of many countries are full of mistakes and incorrectly interpreted data.
Our database editors make every attempt to keep free of such errors, but even here errors will occur from time to time.
You will sometimes note that the information given in our photo captions does not match the data you can find on the internet. This can be a mistake on our part, in which case we would like to hear from you, but it is possible that most internet sources are wrong.
Our Identity Myths page highlights and explains examples of such cases.

General Databases

Scramble Civil Database Basic type and c/n info for many civil airliners, commuters and bizjets.
Scramble Military Database Basic type, c/n and unit info for military aircraft from many countries.
Soviet Transport Database Basic type and c/n info for Soviet, Russian, former Eastern European and Chinese types.

Official Civil Aircraft Registers

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia
Transport Canada Canada
Aviation Civile France (in French only)
Civil Aviation Authority Moldova (PDF file)
Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand
Civil Aviation Authority Ukraine (Excel file)
Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom
Federal Aviation Administration United States of America

Unofficial & Historic Civil Aircraft Registers

AustAirData Australia and the Pacific Islands
Herman Dekker's Aviation Archive Netherlands (1920 until May 2014, very detailed from official source, in Dutch)
Arno Landewers' Aviation Website Netherlands (June 2014 until present)
Scramble's Dutch Civil Aircraft Register Netherlands (from official source)
David Wise's Aviation History Website New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
Registro EspaƱol de Aeronaves Spain since 1920
RussianPlanes Airworthiness Certificates Russia (from official source, in cyrillic only)

Aircraft Types

Rotorspot Basic type and c/n info for many rotorcraft types (helicopters)

Military Aircraft

Joe Baugher - USAF & US Army USAF & US Army Aircraft Serial Numbers since 1908
Joe Baugher - US Navy & US Marines US Navy & US Marines Aircraft Serial Numbers since 1911
Joe Baugher - US Coast Guard US Coast Guard Aircraft Serial Numbers


Luftforsvaret Norwegian Air Force, various documents with very detailed info about type, c/n and units


Aussie Airliners In-depth information and histories of airliners registered and operated in Australia
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