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Pierre Robin's little birds
by Peter de Jong

Pierre Robin, who passed away on 5 August 2020, will be remembered as a gentleman to those who knew him, and as a major manufacturer in the field of general aviation. Sticking mostly to the Jodel formula of wooden planes and crooked wings, Robin died with the last of a lineage, the DR400, still in production at 'his' airfield in Dijon - Darois.

Aircraft Types

Aero L‑60 Brigadýr - Czech little soldier
by Peter de Jong

A light utility aircraft from Czechoslovakia first flown in 1953, the Aero L-60 Brigadýr was produced by the Orličan company for military observation and liaison, agricultural spraying, and glider towing and parachuting with state aero clubs. It was dogged by its weak and unreliable Praga M208B Doris inline engine; however, fitting a robust radial has extended the lives of some airframes well into the 21st century.

Airtanker supreme - The magnificent Martin JRM Mars
by Aad van der Voet

Conceived for the US Navy on the eve of World War II, the enormous Martin JRM Mars flying boat was only built in token numbers. Saved from the scrapyard by Dan MacIvor, the Mars embarked upon a remarkable second career as an airtanker, fighting wildfires for over fifty years.


Iran Airshow 2018 - Kish Island
by Stephan de Bruijn

The ninth edition of the Iran Airshow saw a strong participation by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) and the air elements of the country's Revolutionary Guard, with rare sights such as F-14 Tomcats and the F-5 Saeqeh in the blue skies over Kish Island.

The 1934 MacRobertson London to Melbourne Air Race
by Gert Jan Mentink

The greatest long-distance air race ever, the 1934 MacRobertson Trophy was held at a pivot point in aviation history, as rectractable landing gear monoplanes were starting to dominate the scene but before the threat of World War II triggered a dramatic acceleration in aircraft capabilities.


The last combat cruise of the Lockheed S‑3 Viking
by Stephan de Bruijn

Conceived as a submarine hunter, the Lockheed S‑3 Viking moved on to aerial refueling and surface surveillance duties during the second half of its 35-year long seagoing career in the United States Navy. Stephen de Bruijn witnessed the type's last carrier cruise under combat conditions, visiting Sea Control Squadron 32 'Maulers' in the Persian Gulf in 2007.

Airlift into Narvik
by Peter de Jong

Hitler's invasion in Norway nearly ended in disaster for the Germans in the remote iron ore port of Narvik, high up beyond the polar circle. The Luftwaffe desperately attempted to deliver supplies and reinforcements, using flying boats, airdrops – and a squadron of Ju 52s flying in on a frozen lake.